Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My Article in Aval Vikatan

Dear Friends, Am happy to share the news that my article about Carlsbad Flowerfields is featured in the latest issue(published last Monday in India) of Aval Vikatan, a famous tamil magazine from the Vikatan Groups.

The Flower Fields is a beautiful place with lot of fun filled activities. If you live around LA, this is a must see place. With the Pacific breeze, colourful flowers and a big outlet mall, am sure you can spend a whole day here. They are open for 3 months in the Spring, so don't miss it in the next season!

Thanks to Aval Vikatan team,Thanks to my family and friends who wished me through phone and mails.

You can see some more photos of the Flower fields in the album.
Carlsbad Flower fields


  1. oh that's great dear :)
    congratzz dear :)

    Happy Blogging!!!!
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  2. Wow kalakuringa Mahi, congrats dear..

  3. That is so exciting! I wish I could read tamil, but my mom loves Vikatan. I would love to forward the article to her. Is there an online version?

  4. that's gr8 mahi...congrats!

  5. படிச்சுப் பார்த்துட்டேன். நல்லா இருக்கு. Congrats Mahi. இதுக்கும் ஒரு ட்ரீட் கொடுக்கணும். ;)
    அழகா எழுதுவீங்க. ஆனா எப்பவாச்சும்தான் எழுதுறீங்க. ;( அடிக்கடி எழுதணும், ஓகேயா?

  6. வாழ்த்துக்கள் மகி,
    முழுவதும் வாசித்து
    மலர்களை ரசித்து
    விஷயத்தை கிரகித்து
    மனது பூரித்து

  7. Mahi,

    Is it 7.6.11 edition or after that am yet to buy..let me know..

  8. Thanks ladies for your lovely comments! :)

    Sharan,online version is available,but you should be a subscriber to read the books. You can send the photos in this post to your mom. Thanks again! :)

    Kalpana,the book has a river rafter on its cover.I think its 7.6.11 edition only!
    Thanks! :)

  9. Mahi,

    Holding 7.6.11 edition cld not trace it.. will try earlier edition..

  10. Congrats Mahi. Thanks for letting us know about the article.

    @ Mahi & Kalpana, Mahi's article is published in 21-6-20111 edition of Aval Vikatan.

  11. Thanks Nithu! I was little confused about the date. ;)

  12. Heartiest congratulations to you. Great. Keep it up!

  13. What an exciting news! Congratulations Mahi :)

  14. congrats..I read d post in Aval viketan...very nice dear..:)
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  15. Very nice article with information written in an interesting style. Good Mahi. Kiruthika


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