Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cake Rusk

All purpose flour-11/4cup
Baking powder-1/2spoon
Baking soda-1/2spoon
Chopped nuts-1/4cup
Vanilla extract-1spoon

(butter and egg should be in room temperature)
Sieve the flour with baking soda &baking power twice.
Cream the butter and sugar till they become fluffy.
Add eggs one by one and mix well.then add the vanilla and mix it together.
Slowly add the flour and fold it with the butter-egg mixture.
Mix the nuts in a spoon of dry flour and mix them with the cake mixture.
Pour it on a greased baking sheet and garnish with some copped almond flakes.
Bake it for 35minutes or until done in 350F preheated oven.
Let it cool for 2 hours..then take the cake from the pan and slice it.
Arrange the pieces on a lined baking tray..bake it for 11/2 hours on low heat(275F). Flip them after an hour and bake till the pieces become nice golden color.
Store it in an airtight container and enjoy with coffee or tea.

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Coconut Biscuit

Sweetened coconut flakes-1cup
All purpose flour-11/4cup
Baking powder-3/4spoon
Unsalted butter(in room temperature)-1stick(115grams)
Preheat the oven at 250F and bake the coconut flakes for 15 minutes.(till you get a nice golden colour)
Mix the baking powder with the flour and sieve the mixture twice.
Cream the butter and sugar till they become light and fluffy.
Slowly add the flour and mix it with your finger.
Then add the roasted coconut flakes and mix well.
Make the desired shapes and arrange them in a baking tray. keep the tray in freezer for 15minutes.
Preheat the oven to 350F and bake the biscuits for 15minutes. yummy coconut biscuits are ready!
Let it cool it in an airtight container.

You can add chopped nuts while adding the coconut enhances the taste of the biscuit.
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Monday, June 21, 2010

Mealmaker Fry

Meal maker(Soya wadi)- 25 pieces
chopped Onion-1/4cup
Green chilli-1
Turmeric powder-1/4spoon
Few Mint leaves &Cilantro
to grind
Grated Coconut-1/4cup
Cinnamon Stick-1/2inch piece
Fennel Seed-1/2spoon
Bay leaf -1
Red chilli-5

Add the Soya wadi in boiling water and switch off the stove. leave it for 5minutes,then wash them with cold water,then squeeze the meal makers and extract the water..break the meal makers into small pieces and keep it aside.
Grind the things under 'to grind' with little water to a fine paste.
Heat oil in a kadai,add the chopped onion,g.chilli and mint leaves&turmeric powder..sauté them till the onion becomes transparent.
Then add the soya wadi and fry them for 3minutes.
Add the grounded paste and 1/2cup of water and enough salt.
Cook on a medium heat till the water evaporates and the gravy becomes thick.
Reduce the flame to low and fry till the gravy becomes dry.garnish with Cilantro.

Meal maker fry is ready to goes well with rice/roti..or (as I did..:)) you can have it as a snack!

Sending this post to "Think Spice - Think Garam Masala" an event started by Sunitha and hosted by Sara.
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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Beetroot Leaves Poriyal

Beetroot leaves- 1bunch
1/4th of medium sized Onion
Red chillies-3(adjust to your taste)
Mustard seed-1/2spoon
Channa dhal-1/2spoon
Urad dhal-1/2spoon
Grated Coconut-1tablespoon

Wash and chop the Beetroot leaves.

Chop the onions, break the red chillies.

Heat oil, make the tempering with mustard seeds,channa dhal&Urad dhal. once the dhals turn golden borwn,add the onion and chillies..sauté them for few minutes.

Then add the Beetroot leaves,a pinch of sugar,sprinkle some water. Cook on medium flame for 3-4 minutes.Finally add the salt and grated coconut, mix well and switch off the stove.

Healthy & tasty poriyal is ready to serve.

Sending this post to Nithubala's Best Out of Waste Event.

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Sunday, June 13, 2010


Idli batter-1cup
Chopped onions-1/4cup
Chopped green chillies-4
Few curry leaves & cilantro
For tempering
Mustard seeds-1spoon
Channa dhal-1spoon
Urad dhal-1spoon

Make the tempering, add chopped onions,green chillies&curry leaves. Fry them till the onion becomes transparent. let it cool completely.
Add the fried mixture with the idli batter, mix everything together.
Heat the Paniyaram pan on medium heat. Apply some oil on each well and pour the batter. Flip them over after a minute. Take them out once they become nice golden colour.
Serve hot with your choice of chutneys.
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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tomato kurma

to chop
Tomatoes -3
Half of a medium size onion
Green chilli-3
Garlic-2 pods

to grind
Grated coconut -4spoons
Channa Dahalia(Pottukadalai)-1tablespoon
Ginger-1/2inch piece
Cinnamon stick-1/2inch piece
Poppy seeds-1/2spoon
Fennel seeds-1/2spoon
Bay leaves-2
For tempering
Mustard seeds-1/2spoon
Curry leaves-few

Turmeric powder-1/4spoon
Chilli Powder-1spoon

Grind the ingredients under "to grind"with little water to a fine paste.
Chop the ingredients under "to chop" finely.
Heat oil in a pan and make the tempering.
Then add the chopped onion,green chillies,garlic and fry them till the onion becomes transparent.
Add the tomato pieces with Turmeric powder,chilli powder and enough salt.
Cook them on low heat, till the mixture oozes out oil.
Now add the ground paste with 1 1/2cups of water.(adjust the water according to the desired consistency). Let it cook on medium flame for 7minutes.
Finally add the sugar,garnish with Cilantro,switch off the stove.
Delicious tomato kurma is ready. It goes well with Idli,dosa & Chapathi.

Sending this post to "Think Spice - Think Garam Masala" an event started by Sunitha and hosted by Sara.

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Couscous upma

Couscous -1cup
Medium size Onion-1
Green chillies-4
Red Chillies-2
Few curry leaves &Cilantro
Mustard seeds-1/2spoon
Channa dhal-1spoon
Urad dhal-1spoon

Chop the onions,g.chilly.
Heat the oil in a kadai, make the tempering with Mustard seeds,once they pop-up add the dhals and fry till you get a nice golden colour.
Add curry leaves,onion,g.chilli and red chilli and fry for a few minutes.
Meanwhile heat 2 cups of water in another stove top.
Once you see the onions are becoming transparent, add the couscous.sugar,salt and cook it in low heat for two minutes.
Then add the boiling water to the couscous and mix everything. (keep the flame low,otherwise couscous and water will bubble up and can harm your hands)
After three minutes, add the butter and mix everything together..
Garnish the upma with Cilantro.

Tasty couscous upma is ready to serve..serve it with your choice of chutney or pickle.
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Friday, June 4, 2010

Paruppu vadai(Baked)

I know..everybody knows how to make vadai. This time I tried to bake them instead of deep frying. Vada's turned out so crunchy..just like deep fried!!..worth to post this recipe in my blog. :)

Split yellow pea(Vadai paruppu/pattaani paruppu)-1cup
Garlic-4 pods
Ginger-1/2inch piece
Fennel Seed-1/2spoon
Chopped Spinach-1/2cup
Chopped Onion-1/2cup
Green Chillies-5(adjust to your taste buds)
Few curry leaves&cilantro leaves

Wash and soak the dhal for 2 hours. Reserve a hand full of dhal and grind the rest with garlic,ginger and fennel seeds.

Add all the ingredients except oil and the reserved dhal with the ground dhal.
Mix everything to gather and make the vada's.

Arrange them on a greased baking sheet,sprinkle some oil and bake @ 350F preheated oven for 15 minutes.

Take them out,flip it over,sprinkle oil and again bake it for another 15 minutes.

Take the tray,give a final flip and oil sprinkle and broil them for 5 more minutes.Crispy vadas are ready to serve.

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