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Ingredients for Omapodi/Sev
Besan/kadalai maavu -1cup
Rice flour-1/2cup
Butter(@room temp.)-1teaspoon
Hing-1/8th teaspoon

Combine all the ingredients except oil,sprinkle little water and make the dough as we do it for rotis.

Put the dough in the murukku press with the omapodi plate.

Heat(on medium heat) oil in a pan, press the dough directly on hot oil. This sev will get cooked very fast, take it out and drain the excess oil, keep it aside.

Ingredients for Kara Boondhi
Besan/Kadalai mavu-3/4cup
Yellow food color-few drops

Mix all the items except oil into a smooth batter. Batter should be in pouring consistency.

Heat oil(on medium heat) in a pan, pour the batter over a boondhi karandi /jalli karandi into the oil directly.

Like the sev, boondhi will also gets cooked so fast. Once the sizzling sound of the oil stops, take the boondhi's out, drain the excess oil and keep it aside.

Ingredients to deep fry
Peanuts -2 fist fulls
Dhaliya/Pottu kadalai -1 fist full
Curry leaves -2 springs
Poha/Rice flakes -1 fist fulls
Minced garlic(optional) -4 cloves

Fry the items one by one and keep aside.

Finally here comes the Ingredients for mixture! :)
Sev(Crush it coarsely)
The deep fried items mentioned above
Chilli powder -1 teaspoon
Hing -1/4teaspoon

Combine all the items in a wide pan and mix it well.

Spicy crunchy mixture is ready!

Believe me, the process seems a bit longer but its actually simple. Since we are deep frying everything, the work will be over so fast! :)

Some of the visitors to my blog(s) will be thinking why am I seeing same recipes in Mahi's blog(s)?! :) Yeah, I do have another blog which is in my mother tongue. Some how I managed to post different things here and there.

I realized lately that not all of my (tamil) visitors here know my tamil blog. More over my other friends (here) are also from various parts of India, who can't read tamil. Hence,started posting the some of the recipes both in english & tamil. So friends, who are all visiting "Mahi's Space", do adjust these repeated recipes! Thank you! :)


  1. so perfectly done.............delicious preparation

  2. Perfect crispy fried ones!!
    Following you :-)
    hope u'll drop at my space and follow it too..
    Ongoing Event- Christmas Delicacy(15Nov-31Dec 2011)

  3. superb mixtures...any left over Mahi?? can you pass that dabra i will happily enjoy that yummy snack :)

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  4. had been looking for this recipe since long... thanks a lot for sharing..

  5. looks nice Mahi. shall try dis soon.

    tks 4 sharing.

  6. Delicious mixture,looks perfect...

  7. Look nice, for me making mixture is a tiresome job ;) u made it patiently :) gr8 u r !!

  8. Mixture looks very crispy and delicious!

  9. Crunchy munchy mixture tempts me a lot.

  10. great made it at home. I still afraid to take risk!!! It looks so yumm and want to crunch few...pass me some.. :-)

  11. This looks extremely awesome and would love to have it.

  12. sounds perfect n yumm to try now n munch with my coffee..;)
    Tasty Appetite

  13. Crispy n yummy mixture... i too posted for diwali pls check it out...

  14. First time here...lovely blog dear!!
    Happy to follow you..


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