Monday, March 15, 2010

Mysore Pak


Besan flour(kadalai maavu) - 1cup

Sugar - 2 cups

Ghee - 3 cups

water - 1/2 cup


Roast the besan flour in a table spoon of ghee. Sieve the flour once it cools down.

Add water and sugar and heat it till the sugar melts.Heat the ghee in the next stove top.

Slowly add the besan flour to the sugar syrup..mix it well.

Add the hot ghee little by little and keep stirring.

Once you are done with the ghee and see that the besan flour is not sticking to the kadaai, pour it in a greased plate.

let it cool for 30 minutes. Then cut into your desired shape.

Mysore pak is ready!


The colour of my mysore pak turned to be slightly brown as I roasted the besan little longer.

The shapes were not perfect because I hurried up.

But, taste was just like Sri Krishna Sweets mysore soft with a nice ghee aroma.

So gals, the mysore pak mix will look too liquidy..dont panick and be patient! ;) This 1:2:3 (Kadalaimaavu:Sugar:Ghee) ratio works out just perfect.


  1. very easy tp follow and this is same like purfi.

  2. very nice pak and traditional sweet , but ithuvaraikum oru try kuda pannathula , I will try it soon

  3. Your collection of sweets is truly impressive. :)

  4. Thanks dear for the comment! :)

    These recipes are published long back,the photos are gone from the slideshow! .. now I don't have the patience to update the pictures. ;)


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