Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tomato Biriyani

Basmathi Rice - 1 cup
Tomato - 3 (or) 4
Half of a medium size onion
Green chilli -1
Mint leaves,Cilantro
Ginger-garlic paste -1spoon
Curd - 3spoons
Chilli powder - 1spoon
Coriander powder -1/2spoon
Biriyani masala powder-2spoons
Cinnamon Stick-2" piece
Elaichi -1
Fennel seeds- 1/2spoon
Cumin seeds-1/2spoon
Ghee -1spoon
Oil -1spoon

Wash and soak the rice for 20 minutes.
Chop the onions,tomato and green chilli.
Heat the oil+ghee..make the tempering with cloves.elaichi,cinnamon stick,fennel and cumin seeds.
Add the onions,green chillies and fry for a while. Then add the ginger-garlic paste and cook till the raw smell goes.
Add the tomatoes..fry for a minute.
Add the chilli,coriander,biriyani masala's and curd,mint ,cilantro,salt. Cook on low heat till the oil oozes out.

Add the rice , 1 1/4 cup of water and pressure cook for one whistle and switch off the stove. Remove the cooker from stove and let it cool.

Open the cooker and mix the rice without breaking the grains.Tomato biriyani is ready..serve hot with raitha.

Sending this recipe to Reva's "Royal Feast -Biriyani" event.


  1. intha methodla than nanum seiven pasangaluku pudichada easy to prepare for their lunch
    romba nalla irukku

    imma nama ellorum sernthu anga poiduvom

  2. Yes..naanum ready dhaan mahi veettukku varradhukku but...yaarum veettukku varakkoodadhunnudhaan mahi namakkellaam recipie tharaanga.neengale veettula seythu saappidungannu.

  3. My favourite rice. Nice recipe mahi. I will try soon your style .

  4. அடடா! மஹி எங்களைத் துரத்துறதுக்கும் ஆளுங்க புடிச்சு வச்சிருக்கிறாங்களா!! ;)

  5. Everybody is welcome to my place ladies.:):)
    Viji,welcome and tkz for the comment.

    மஹி எங்களைத் துரத்துறதுக்கும் ஆளுங்க புடிச்சு வச்சிருக்கிறாங்களா!! ;) grrrrr!!


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