Friday, October 19, 2012

Phirni /Chawal ki kheer/Rice kheer

Glad to see you all after a break..let me start the blogging with a sweet dish! :) 

Raw rice /Basmati Rice - 1 fist full
Milk -2 cups
Water -1/2cup
Sugar -1/2cup [adjust to your taste]
Cardamom - 2
Ghee -1teaspoon

Wash the rice, and fry it with a teaspoon of ghee.
Once the rice has slightly puffed up, add 1/2 water + 1/2cup milk.
Reduce the flame to medium low after the milk started boiling.
Stir it occasionally and keep adding milk, 1/4cup at a time, till the rice gets cooked.

The quantity of milk may vary according to the quality of your rice. I added almost a cup, in 4 equal intervals.
Mash the rice with the back of ladle and then add the sugar. Let it melt.

Add the final addition of milk, reduce the heat and cook for a few minutes. Crush the cardamom, add it to the kheer and put off the flame.

Note: The kheer becomes thick once cooled, so you can reserve some milk and add it while serving. Can add the dry fruits and nuts as well.

Recipe Courtesy : Here


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  1. ம்... வந்ததும் வராததுமா ஆரம்பிச்சுட்டீங்க அமர்க்களமா.
    ஆசையா இருக்கு, சின்ன ஸ்கேல்ல பண்ணிப் பார்க்கிறேன்.

  2. Delicious and yummy looking kheer.

  3. Yummy kheer.. looks very tempting.. thanks for the nice recipe :)
    Indian Cuisine

  4. Yummy and looks so tempting...l

  5. I love rice kheer... yumm...
    Wish you could send to our event this month..
    Serve It Boiled

  6. Super rich looking creamy kheer,yummy..

  7. Kheer looks delicious and yummy

  8. Thanks for the lovely comments Imma,Deepa,Hari Chandana, Aruna,Vimitha,Divya,Krithi,PT, Priya & Shailaja!

    @Krithi, I have linked the post to your event,Thanks!

  9. I love this Aloo paratha recipe. Aloo Paratha are my favorite

    and I love to try different parathas. This paratha recipe is

    refreshingly new. I am going to try this.Can't wait to try

    it.thank you for shearing your post. Regards, Chawal Ki Kheer


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