Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sesame Laddu/Ellurundai

This is a very simple and quick recipe. Only 2 ingredients and 3 steps, thats it! I am trying this for the first time, so tried in a very limited quantity.  Now got the confidence and planning to make it in large quantity, even with variations. :)

Black sesame seeds-1/4cup

Dry roast the sesame seeds on low heat, until you get a nice aroma, let it cool completely.
Take the sesame seeds in a mixer, grind it to a coarse powder.
[Please excuse the BG..thats my furry baby waiting for the laddu's! ha..haa! ;)]

Add the powdered jaggery and pulse it again a few times.
Transfer it to a bowl..
Make into desired sized laddus.
Thats it, tasty and healthy sesame laddoos are ready! I got 3 of them as in the pictures. :)
You can make the variations such as half of white sesame seeds and half of black sesame seeds. You can add roasted peanuts, desiccated coconut, roasted gram, elaichi powder to enhance the flavor. For much healthier options, you can add some flax seeds or chia seeds with the sesame seeds. I shall try out these options and update it in the future! :)
I tried the sesame laddus with both black and white sesame seeds, peanuts and some chia seeds. You can check the detailed recipe here. Its in tamil, but I hope you can follow the recipe from the pictorial. 


  1. [Please excuse the BG..thats my furry baby waiting for the laddu's! ha..haa! ;)]

    Haha. He (or she) is really adorable! Ellurandai used to be a childhood favourite. It's been ages since I had them. Maybe it is time I made some at home on my own. ;)

  2. Thanks friends for the comments!
    @Rathai, happy to see you! :)

    Geno is my sweet little devil, he steals everybody's heart instantly! He is almost 3 years old, but behaves always like a kiddo(puppy)! :)

  3. Like your first stepwise pic Mahi. Cutie pie. like him much. :-) This is one of my fav. I make it often at home.

  4. luks yummy and its nutritious too!!.your blog is amazing!!

  5. Very nutritious nutty laddoos,love it anytime.


    Yummy!! ;P

  7. Thanks a bunch for all your comments friends! :)
    @Uma, Happy to know that you are a pet-lover too! :)
    @Imma, thanks for trying out the South Indian version of "Thalakuli" and mentioning my blog! :)


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