Saturday, September 21, 2013

Avocado Sandwich

Whole wheat bread-2 slices
Avocado-1/2 of a ripen avocado
Cucumber slices-few
Tomato slices-few
Onion slices-few
Pickled Jalapeno pepper slices-few
Chopped cilantro-1teaspoon
Chipotle sauce
Salt & Pepper

Take a bread slices and arrange all the veggies and jalapeño..
Sprinkle salt-pepper-cilantro-and chipotle sauce. Cover it with another slice of bread, cut it diagonally.
Yummy and healthy sandwich is ready..its spicy with the chipotle and jalapeños. So adjust them according to your taste. Don't skip the cilantro, which enhances the taste of the sandwich. 


  1. Superb Mahi.
    I love avocado sandwich... just avocado, cracked pepper & salt. yum. This will be much tastier for sure. I sometimes get allergic reactions. ;(

  2. wow this is awesome n healthy...

  3. d name itself temptign me..avocado so yummy.

  4. Very filling and delicious sandwich.

  5. Such an innovative recipe.You have a lovely space here...


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