Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Mashed Moong dal & Thoor dal / Pachaipayaru & Paruppu Kadaisal

Thor dal/ Thuvaram paruppu -1/8 cup
Moong dal/ Pachai payaru - 1/8cup
Garlic - 4cloves
Onion, chopped-4tablespoons
Tomato, chopped -1
Green chilly, chopped - 2  
Few curry leaves and cilantro
Coriander seeds - 1teaspoon
Cumin seeds -1 teaspoon
Sambar powder -1/2teaspoon 
Turmeric powder - 1/8teaspoon
Sugar - 1/4teaspoon

In a small pressure cooker, heat oil. 
Add the coriander and cumin seeds, let them splutter.
Now add the chopped onion, green chilly, garlic and curry leaves.
Saute for a minute, and add the chopped tomato. Give it a quick stir. 
Add the sambar powder, turmeric powder and the thor dal - moong dal.
 Add about 11/4cup of water with enough salt and sugar (if adding).
 Close the pressure cooker and cook for 5 whistles in medium flame. Open the cooker once the pressure subsides.
Add the chopped coriander leaves, and mash the dal nicely with a masher.
 Protein rich and flavorful dal is ready to serve. It tastes best with piping hot rice with some ghee.
You can accompany the rice and dal with any spicy stir-fried vegetable or Papad - mor milagi (curd chilly) or even with pickle. 


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