Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cinnamon Buns

All purpose flour/Maida -2 cups
Rapid rise Instant Yeast -1 teaspoon
Cinnamon Powder-1teaspoon +2 tablespoons
Sugar-1/4cup + 1 teaspoon
(Butter-milk-egg in Room temperature)

Dissolve Yeast with a teaspoon of sugar and salt in Luke warm water . Keep it aside for 10 minutes.

Heat the milk in microwave for a minute with butter and let it cool. Once it cooled down, add the 1/4cup sugar & egg, mix it well, then add the yeast, whisk it together.

Add the Cinnamon powder and flour, mix it and knead it well for 10 minutes. Add flour little by little after adding 11/2 cups..Stop adding the flour once you get the kneading consistency.

Initially the dough may be sticky, but after knead for 5-6 minutes it will become a soft non-sticky dough. Coat the dough with little oil and wrap it with clear wrap, keep it aside for 11/2hours.
By that time dough would be doubled in size..punch the air and roll it(1/4" thickness) with a rolling pin. Cut out the circles. If you wish you can cut a small inner circle with a cookie cutter.(I've used a bottle cap. ;) )

Arrange the buns in the baking sheet, cover it with the wrap and let it rise for another 30 minutes. Preheat the oven to 375F, brush the buns with little milk and bake for 30 minutes.

Keep 2 tablespoons of sugar in a plate. Brush the buns once they come out of the oven with the ghee and roll it on the sugar.

Cinnamon Buns are ready! You can enjoy as it is as a snack..or with Butter and jam with a hot pipping cup of coffee & an egg as a breakfast! :)

You would be wondering why the buns are in the shape of a dough-nut,right?? .........Well, I was looking for a recipe for baked dough-nut, followed almost all the steps! Whoa.. finally the baked doughnuts(!) tasted just like buns. Hence the recipe name became Cinnamon Buns! ;) ;)

So, what you think? Are they buns or dough-nuts????? :)))))))))


  1. These have come perfect...even the shape and color...loved it..

  2. Mahi, Buns or doughnut not worried i love these.. for me these r doughnuts.. the last pic makes me so happy because they confirm to be doughnuts..sugared ones.. lovely..

  3. wow perfectly done Mahi !! wonderful!! loved them !!

    Ongoing Event - CC-Roti Pachadi/Chutney

  4. They looks so soft, cinnamony n devourable ! YUM!
    US Masala

  5. Buns look awesome

    Buns look awesome!

  6. perfect buns...looks very soft!!

  7. At the first sight thought same mahi,dough nuts madhri irukke nu :) Looks so delectable!

    And if you want a proper poondu milagai chutney here is the proper recipe mahi...try this with little water to make in chutney form- Poondu milagai podi :)

  8. Thanks for the link Raji..intha murai chilli powder-thaan poduven. will try poondu-podi next time.

    Somehow am reluctant to the raw garlic flavour..athan ivlo davuttu!;)

  9. அட! அட! அட! சொல்லவே வார்த்தை இல்லை. சூப்பர் மகி.

  10. Just by seeing pictures i thought they are doughnuts. They are very porous. yummy too...:-)

  11. Looks yum .....n a just like donuts :)

  12. Oh dear... the buns look so wonderful and perfectly done...

  13. Super Mahi.. Bakingla poondhu vilayadureenga..

  14. Wow.. the buns looks so soft and yummy.. :D

  15. This looks really tempting, very perfect and soft :)

  16. Yummy buns looks so soft and inviting.

  17. wow. looks so delicious.try it soon.

  18. They look tempting, perfectly baked. I need to overcome my fear of yeast, so I can try this!

  19. omg- what a fab bake MAHI - am just loving it !!

  20. To me it is a donut. Looks perfect.

  21. sure want to try it...Bookmarked...

  22. Mahi super kalakita....Athai raji..

  23. These buns look yummy... terrific as a matter of fact.


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