Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Multigrain Dosai

Wheat flour -1/4cup
Ragi maavu/ Finger millet flour -1/2cup
Kambu maavu/ Bajri flour - 1/2cup
Idli maavu / Idli batter - 1 big ladle

Combine wheat flour, ragi flour, bajri flour and salt in a bowl.
 Add a ladle of idli batter..
 Add enough water and mix it like dosa batter without lumps
 Heat a griddle and make dosa. Sprinkle some oil around the dosa, and let it cook.
 Flip the dosa after a few seconds and cook the other side.
Healthy dosa is ready to serve. Serve hot with some tangy, spicy chutney. We had it with tomato chutney

This dosa can be made instantly, just mix  the flours and make dosa right away, how ever you can let it ferment overnight and make dosa too. Personally I prefer the later. :) 


  1. This dosa comes in handy when you have only a little bit of regular dosa batter in hand..

  2. My mom used to cook this for dinner... Healthy Dosa.. Great share


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