Monday, June 18, 2012

Chakka Pradaman / Jack fruit kheer

I have heard of these chakka pradaman/pala pazha payasam/ jack fruit kheer but never tried / tasted it so far. This is the first time I am trying this recipe. It tasted great!

Jack fruit (de seeded and cleaned) - 1.5cups (app.)
Jaggery-1/2cup (app. adjust according to the sweetness of the fruit)
Coconut milk - ~~1/2 cup ( I used coconut milk powder, hence it is 3 tablespoon powder + little less than 1/2cup Luke warm water )
Few Cashews
Few Coconut pieces
Ghee- 1 tablespoon

Chop the jack fruit into small pieces.
Heat a tablespoon of ghee in a small pressure cooker. Roast the cashews and coconut pieces separately till they turn nice golden in colour and keep it aside.

Add the chopped jack fruit in the cooker and fry for 3-4 minutes.
Then add 1/2 cup of water, and pressure cook for 3 whistles.

Open the cooker, once it cooled down completely and mash the jack fruit.
In a separate sauce pan take the jaggery with little (less than 1/4 cup) water and heat it till the jageery melts down.

Strain the melted jaggery and add it with the jack fruit pulp. You can continue the process as such, but I felt the pulp has not mashed up properly, hence I transferred the content to the blender and blended it to a smooth paste. ( check photos 10 & 11)

Heat the jack fruit pulp + jaggery on low heat for 5 minutes and add the coconut milk. Mix it well and put off the heat after a couple of minutes.

Garnish with half of the roasted cashews and coconut pieces , reserve the rest for garnishing while serving.
When we bought the jack fruit for the 1st time here in a Chinese market, luckily we got a very sweet and ripped fruit. We just finished it off in a jiffy! ;)

But the 2nd time was not charm! Hope you can see the difference from the photos. If you read Tamil, do check here for an elaborate post on this.

Somehow I managed to finish it off ! Wish me luck, am going to the Market soon! ;) :)


  1. Oh my this is one of my fav. Mom had prepared it just yesterday on her birthday. Love it

  2. Very unique and delicious looking kheer


  3. New recipe to me, never cooked with jackFruit...

    Yum! Yum! Yum!

  4. I like the recipe. its interesting~

  5. Love the idea of payasam with jack fruit...looks yum....

  6. very delicious payasam, well made...last month i got fresh Jackfruit but not whole in Indian store...really those fruits were too delicious n we had it as i am tempted to try some halwa/payasam after seeing your post, so lucky people u get it there :) wish u will get nice n tasty fruit this time, if so don't forget to send me some :))
    Spicy Treats

  7. @ Thanks for your wishes Imma! But when am I going to go?!! ;) :)

    @ Sangeetha, whole jack fruits were there in the market, but I got a small piece, not the whole fruit dear! Do check my Tamil blog if you have time, have attached the link in the post! Definitely will send some, if get it next time! :)
    Thanks for taking your time and adding the comment Ladies! :)

  8. Knowing how tasty those fruits are I'm sure the payasam turned out tasty. Back home, we had a big tree that yielded the sweetest jackfruits I have ever tasted (not boasting here). :D When we got lucky, we would get them before the 'anil' did. I did not know this fruit was popular to make various sweets of because we always had it as fruits. Then the seeds were used to make curry and poriyal.

    If I get the chance to get those fruits, I will surely try this and another jackfruit paniyaram (guliyappa) recipe I bookmarked from another blog. :)

  9. chakkai is my all time favs...and here we get it most of the time! nice blog..
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  10. Wow looks awesome

    Event: Dish names starts with M

  11. so mouthwatering. kheer recipe sounds amazing. Though i have never tried this.. Would love to give it a try

  12. Delicious n yummy payasam, will try soon.

  13. never tasted this..

  14. very different and delicious.. so inviting..

  15. Am a big fan of Kerala style 'pradaman/payasam'. And Chakka Pradaman is simply out of the world. Glad that you found this fruit, miss all our tropical fruits...only this summer I didn't get to go to India:(

  16. So delicious n flavorful kheer, never tried before. Looks so tempting!!

  17. wow! simply seeing the jackfruit makes me drool n drool.. since I couldn't make it to India, I dint have my share of jackfruits this time:( your pradaman is temptation enough to nag my hubby into taking me home :)
    mmm.. i wish i was there when you made it ;)

  18. Hi Mahi , looks Awesome !!!

    Any dish in jackfruit i

    love and i like very much Mahi :)

    You Rock Mahi :-)

  19. I cant control myself Mahi.....the clicks of jack fruit is making me really crazy....super yummy kheer....


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