Friday, June 29, 2012

Gopi 65 / Cauliflower Fry/ Chilli Cauliflower

Sakthi chilli chicken masala (or) Any chilli chicken masala - 11/2tablespoons
Besan/ kadalai maavu - 3tablespoons
Rice flour -2 tablespoons
Corn flour -2tablespoon
Juice of one lemon
Salt - 1/4teaspoon
Water - 2 to 3 tablespoons
Washed and cleaned Cauliflower florets -2 cups
Oil - to deep fry

Mix everything except oil and keep it aside for 2 hours. (the more time you marinate, cauliflower becomes more tastier, don't forget to keep it in the refrigerator though! ;) )

Heat oil on medium heat, deep fry the cauliflowers, serve hot. Crisp and tangy delicious Gopi 65 are ready!

You can have them as a snack or side dish for pulao / rice variety.

Or as I had, enjoy with mor sadham ( plain rice with butter-milk)


  1. Tempting cauliflower 65, Mahi. I can almost smell the crispy fried aroma over here.

    Btw, I have added a photo of the bowl with salsa now. :D

  2. gobi is my fav in any this gobi65..this will definitely be a jiffi snack for our guests..

  3. m... nice.
    But... u forgot to add an 'e' Mahi.
    mor'e' sadham!! ;))))

  4. //It means a lot to me! :)// m... that's why... u have to say more sadhamm there. ;D

  5. Very yummy n tempting cauliflower 65.

  6. looks crispy and perfect snacks for tea time:)


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