Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sweet Idiyappam

Today's recipe is a very simple and sweet dish. When ever I make Idiyappam, it always transforms into Lemon sevai and/or Tomato sevai. The other day after making those two, I had some more idiyappam left, and suddenly it turned out to be a yummy dessert! :)

Idiyappam (Click here for the recipe) - 2
( If using idli plates for the idiyappam, take 6 small idiyappam's)

Freshly grated coconut - 2 tablespoons (adjust to your taste), frozen coconut can also be used, fresh gives the better taste though.
Sugar -1tabpespoon(adjust to your sweet tooth! :))


Take the Idiyappam in a plate... Sprinkle a tablespoon (or more! ;)) of sugar on it.

Sprinkle a tablespoon of Grated coconut on top of the sugar..

That's it...enjoy the sweet treat! :)

Click here for the recipes of Lemon Sevai - Tomato Sevai & Coconut Sevai.


  1. That's a good way to use leftover idiyappam. I've eaten leftover pittu/puttu the same way and know it is really delicious. :)

  2. Very simple & easy to make, lovely dessert! Mahi, I think you can use cornflour & little vanilla extract instead of custard powder in the Sesame cookies :)

  3. nice way to use leftover idiyappam

  4. Wonderful and tempting recipe!!

  5. wow.....yummy n my sons fav way of eating idiyappam

  6. too good mahi..beautifully done..Feel like grabbing and having this yummy..

  7. very interesting recipe and you made it sweet.. love it

  8. sweet idiyappam My favourite.... super..

  9. Delicious preparations...Kids will love it...

  10. Thanks very much for your comments friends!

    @Ambreen, that's so sweet of you..will try it and let you know! :)


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