Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Arisi Vadaam / Murukku Vadam / Rice-Sago Fryums

Rice Flour - 11/2 cups
Sago /Javvarisi - 1/2cup
Red chillies -15 to 20
Cumin seed - 2 tablespoon
Hing /Asafoetida - 1teaspoon

Wash the sago/javvarisi gently, soak it for 45 minutes with water, then strain the water and let it soak with the remaining moisture for 4-5 hours or overnight.
Soak the red chillies in hot water for an hour and grind it to a fine paste, then add sago with the chilli paste, and grind it again.
With this mixture, add all the other ingredients , and 2-3 cups of water to make it as a thin batter.
Take the vadaam batter in a heavy bottomed vessel, cook on medium heat, stirring continuously, till the batter come to gather.(Don't panic, it takes only 5-6 minutes. :) )

Transfer it to a bowl immediately and let it cool for half an hour.
Take a wide plate, spread a plastic sheet and wipe it off with the damp cloth.
Using a Murukku press (with star plate), press the dough into long stripes.
Let the Vadaams dry on sunlight for 2-3 days and your vadaam is ready.

Store the Vadaam in airtight containers. Deep fry them when ever needed. Here is a glimpse of a simple South Indian lunch..Rice, Uppu paruppu topped with ghee, beans stir-fry, Potato podimas, rasam mor milagai and of course, the crisp and spicy vadaam! :)


  1. Super...Perfect with vatha kuzhambu sadham..

  2. //Let the Vadaams dry on sunlight for 2-3 days// ம்... ஒரு டவுட்டு! ஏரர்ல காய வைக்கலாமா!

  3. Hi Mahi ,

    Vadaam looks perfect!!

    Neat step by step presentation:)

    Keep on Dear..

  4. Delicious vadams Mahi.Book marked

  5. My favourite vadagam.. nice explanation.. bookmarked..

  6. One of my fav ...I wish I can make this too ..that platter looks yum

  7. Vadagam looks super Mahi! Plateta appadiye pass pannina lunch velai mudium...

  8. Vathal supera irukku Mahi...The platter is so tempting...

  9. wow, i love these, used to have so much when i was a kid :)

  10. love these crisp ones,delicious & yummy platter!!
    BTB,regarding your query about raw papaya-I found these at the G mart stores here:-)

    Ongoing Events of Erivum Puliyum @ Spicy Aroma-Curry leaves or Red dry Chillies

  11. delicious recipe... looks crispy and yummy...

  12. Prefect side dish for sambhar rice, love it.

  13. They look crispy & crunchy.. Yum..

  14. first time here...nice space u have....following u....pls do drop back at my space..


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