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Mysurpa/Mysorepak/Ghee Mysorepak

Mysorepak/Mysorepa is a well known South Indian sweet, which has very minimal ingredients and quick to prepare. I've already posted a recipe long back, but this one is slightly different version. My hometown is very famous for Krishna Sweets Mysorepa, which literally melts in the mouth. We have a big branch (where they make sweets and savories to many Krishna sweets nearby) on the way to our house, and every time while crossing the shop, we can not miss the nice aroma of mysorepa and the other snacks. My hubby is a very big fan of their Rasmalai too!! So when ever you get a chance, don't miss these items in Sri Krishna Sweets.

The simple ratio of mysorepak is 1:2:3, that is 1part Kadalai maavu: 2parts Sugar: 3parts Ghee(or)refined oil/Canola oil. This I made up my mind to follow these measurement, and tried it, it tasted awesome. Just give it a try, once in a while, we can treat ourself! ;) :)

Kadalai maavu/Besan -1/2cup
Ghee/Canola oil - 11/2cups

I have used 1 cup of ghee and 1/2cup of canola oil here, if you are so concerned about the fat, you can change the ratio and use more oil instead of ghee. One more point is use freshly prepared home made ghee for mysorepak, this enhances the taste!

Prepare the ghee and keep it hot. Grease a plate with ghee and keep it aside.[This is an important step, you have to do it in advance, otherwise you will suffer, I bet! ;)]
Gather all your ingredients.
Take sugar in a (preferably non-stick) pan, add 1/4 cup of water and start heating on medium heat.
Meanwhile, take 1/2cup of canola oil in a microwave safe bowl and heat it for a minute, with that add a cup ghee. 
Now add in the kadalai maavu/besan in the hot ghee+oil mixture, use a whisk, mix it with out lumps. [Actually its very simple as the oil+ghee is hot! ;)]

By now, the sugar syrup would have come to a consistency shown in picture. [No need to check the string consistency, take care that the sugar is melted completely and after a few minutes, you will get the stage shown below]
Add the kadalaimaavu/besan to the sugar syrup and start stirring.

Now the stirring process continues for 7-8 minutes on low medium heat, at one stage, you will see that mysorepak mixture is no more sticking to the pan. Within a few seconds, the mixture will become frothy, Immediately pour the mysorepak into the greased plate.
Let it cool for some time (say 30 minutes to 1 hour) then mark the lines according to the shape you want. Don't be too harsh and strong, just mark the lines and let it cool completely(say 2 hours)
Carefully take the mysorepak out of the plate. Delicious and soft mysorepak is ready to serve.
Your house will be filled with the sweet aroma of mysorepak, which reminds me of Diwali/Pongal times back home. :) This has a nice shell life even in room temperature. I made it almost 2 weeks back and still its in a good shape!

Note: My cooking range has a burner with the heat level from 1 to 10,  I kept the heat between 3 to 4 during the entire process. It took 9 minutes for me to get the stage, but I guess its a bit long, as a very little part of my mysorepak was over cooked[but that too was delicious, by the way! ;)],  thats why I have adjusted the time as 7 to 8 minutes. 


  1. ம்.. கட்டாயம் ட்ரை பண்ணுவேன். என்ன, இப்பல்லாம் இங்க யாரும் ஸ்வீட் சாப்பிட மாட்டேங்கறாங்க. ;(

  2. Delicious Mysore-Pak,Mahi! :)

  3. Mysore pak kaiyil eduththu vaayil poodum munbee karainthu vidum poola. super..

  4. I just love this sweet & you made it nice

  5. perfect tempting and inviting mysore pak.

  6. Wow...that looks amazing and perfect

  7. Mysore pak looks great and super soft.. Loved it Mahi :-)

  8. Wish i get a box of this droolworth mysorepak..havent prepared since a long.

  9. Always love this sweet

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  11. mmm yummy mouthwatering sweet mahi..

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