Thursday, August 29, 2013

Spicy Brinjal Curry

As I already mentioned about my brinjal plant here, now with a few pictures of the plant n the produce, let's move on to the spicy brinjal fry recipe.
So, this is my Brinjal plant, which had a beautiful start and having a bumpy ride ever since. Some insects attacked the plant all of a sudden! Fortunately I noticed it in right time, so the plant survived and I got a few eggplants. :) 
Egg plants-3 
Mustard seeds-1/2teaspoon
Urad dal-1teaspoon
Turmeric powder-1/4teaspoon
To grind
Fennel seeds-1/2teaspoon
Coriander seeds-1teaspoon
Bay leaf-1
Red chillies-3

Wash and cube the eggplants, keep them submerged in water till use. 
Heat oil in a kadai, make the tempering with mustard, urad dal and curry leaves.
Now add the chopped garlic and onion, fry till the onion becomes transparent.
Add the cubed brinjals along with salt and turmeric powder. Toss it well, close the pan with a lid and cook for 4-5 minutes. 
Keep stirring in between and take care the veggie is not getting burnt. 
Meanwhile, grind the items into a coarse powder(without adding any water)
By now the brinjals would have been 3/4th done.
Add the spice powder, and continue cooking on low heat for 3-4 minutes. 

Once the raw smell of the masala has gone and its nicely coated with the brinjals, put off the flame. 
Spicy and delicious brinjal curry is ready to serve.
We had it as  a side dish for rice, it tasted great with plain rice as well as sambar rice-rasam rice and curd rice. I hope it will be a perfect side dish for roti's as well! :)


  1. Delicious and inviting. Pics look great.

  2. I'm certainly envious of your green fingers. I usually water too much and kill all my plants so I have decided to stay away from gardening for now but your post is certainly tempting me. :)

    Thanks for welcoming me back, Mahi. :)

  3. super aaa iruku brinjal curry,perfect for any rice.

  4. I envy you, home grown brinjals that wonderful.. curry looks fabulous and definitely flavourful.

  5. so yummy n delicious the cute brinjals..


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