Monday, December 20, 2010

I'm tagged!

Nithu tagged me with a set of questions last week. Its nice to think back and answer the questions. .Brought back some good old memories.Thanks for tagging me Nithu! She had 2 sets of questions and I chose a few questions from both the sets. Happy reading!

1. Are you a vegetarian, or have you thought about being one?
In-spite of Born,brought-up and married in a non-vegetarian family, I am an egg eating Vegetarian.

2. Do you prefer to celebrate New Year's Eve with friends and/or family, or prefer to ring in the New Year quietly, and privately, at home?
Back home,new years were quite and private..I always get a new dress for the new year. Since it comes in between the month of Markazhi , I used to go to the temple early in the morning...those are good old days!! Now we are going to see fireworks and having get-to-gathers with the friends around.

3. How will you celebrate your next birthday?
Haven't thought about it yet! Like last year it will be quite and private.:) We will go to the temple and have dinner outside.

4. Do you time your breakfast,lunch & dinner or eat when you are hungry ?
Nope..I eat alone my breakfast and lunch. So will have it when I am hungry! :)

5. Name three things you have to use in most recipes ?
Onion,tomatoes,Channa dhal/Urad dhal for tempering.

6.You try a new recipe and it does not turn out good,what will you do ?
Cookies are the worst experiments I've ever made!! To be honest, I will keep them for some days,then force myself to throw them.:-| Didn't have courage to make something out of them edible again.;)

7. What inspired you to write a food blog ?
While browsing through the web,came across lot of cooking blogs.They inspired me a lot to start my own blogs in tamil & english..In tamil,its just not a food blog,but a special space where I store and share my recipes,experiences and memories.

I would like to pass these questions to Krishnaveni ,Menaga and Kurinji. Feel free to select your questions ladies.:)

Thanks for reading!


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