Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Raitha with Mint Powder / Dry Mint -Cucumber -Onion Raitha

Tasty and aromatic raitha to go with Biriyani & Parathas... I added some dry mint leaves to the raitha and it turned out delicious. As I grow mint in my patio I don't buy them from stores. But once DH went to shopping and came home with a big bunch of mint leaves. I didn't wanna waste them so tried drying it up and preserved it. Got the idea from one of my North Indian friend here and tasted this raitha first at her place. :)  

Here are some pictures of the mint leaves I preserved..
Clean the mint, wash it well. Remove the leaves from the stalk.
Arrange them on a large baking tray and keep the tray on the kitchen counter. No need to dry them in sunlight. It dries up nicely in 4-5 days. Transfer the dried mint leaves carefully to a zip-lock bag and keep it. I keep it in the fridge, I dried up these mint leaves in last year July, still they are good! :) 
Chopped onion -1 tablespoon
Chopped cucumber-1 (small)
Dried mint leaves/Mint powder- 1teaspoon [Crush the leaves between your palms. its that easy!:)]
Mix all the above in a bowl and serve immediately as a side dish for Biriyani / Paratha. 

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  1. That is brilliant idea to make and store mint leaves..Thanks!!


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