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Its a very common South Indian Breakfast/ Dinner item. I have already posted vegetable oothappam here. This one is simple and comfortable food for everyone.
Boiled rice/ Idli rice -2 cups
Poha/Aval/Flattened rice - 2 fist full
Vendayam/ Methi seeds -1/2 teaspoon
Urad dal -1/2 cup
Wash and soak the rice, vendayam and poha together for 4-5 hours. ( I do soak for 6 hours)
Wash and soak the urad dal  separately for 11/2 hours.
Grind the rice, methi seeds and poha to a thick batter. Batter need not be too smooth or too grainy.
Grind the urad dal also. (add little (cold) water at uniform time interval and grind it to a fluffy batter)
Mix the rice batter, urad dal batter with enough salt. [This step is important, use your hands and mix it for 5 minutes]
Let it ferment over night or 8 hours.
This time may vary according to your place. If its cold weather, you can keep this batter in any one of your (unused) stove burners while you cook on other burners. This will make the batter ferment well. Or you can use conventional oven too.

The method I have given here is my usual idli batter proportion. I always follow this method, once the batter has risen enough, I make idlies one or two times and then use the same batter to make dosai, oothappam, paniyaram etc.

Take the required amount of fermented idli batter, add little water and mix it.
Heat a griddle. Pour a ladle of batter into a griddle, and spread it into a thick pancake.
Sprinkle oil on and around the oothappam, cover the griddle with a lid and cook.
It takes about 30 seconds to cook. Open the lid, check the oothappam, and transfer it to the plate. [Need not flip it, as we close the griddle while cooking.]
Soft and spongy oothappam is ready to serve.

Oothappam with Tomato Kurma


  1. Looks Good, Our Andhra style Utappam looks little different...

    Yum! Yum! Yum!

  2. Pics of oothppam are amazing. Excellent preparation.

  3. mahi ippo uthappam uthum pothu ellam unga ngapagam than holes ethanai varuthunu vount panna sonningla nanum oru nal velaiathu poi count pannen 3o vanthathu athuku mela mudiyala (lol) ha ha intresting

  4. Looks sooooooooooo inviting !

  5. kannu kannaha irukkiRa intha uuthappam mel thaan aththanai kannum.super..

  6. Classic dish. Perfect

  7. Tempting and delicious uthappam.

  8. i would love to have this for my breakfast too..yumm

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  9. Cute and delicious uthappam Mahi


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