Thursday, February 7, 2013

Tomato Kurma with Coconut chutney

One day I tried this kurma accidentally and we got hooked up with this ever after! Now a days I make sure that there is  some left over chutney to make this kurma for the next meal! ;)

Coconut chutney-1/4cup
Tomato -2
Onion - 1
Green chilly -1
Mustard seeds -1/2teaspoon
Cumin seeds -1/2teaspoon
Sakthi curry masala powder - 2teaspoons
Turmeric powder-1/8teaspoon
Sugar -1/4teaspoon
Few curry leaves and cilantro


Chop the onions-g/chilly and tomato.
Heat some oil in a pan, make the tempering with mustard seeds and cumin seeds.
Add in the onions and green chilly. Fry till the onion becomes translucent.
Now add the tomato and cook till it become mushy.
Add turmeric powder, coconut chutney and a cup of water.
Adjust the salt and let the content boil.
Finally add in the curry powder and sugar. Reduce the heat to low, cook for 5 more minutes.
Garnish with cilantro, and the delicious tomato kurma is ready. It tastes great with idli / dosa .

Even though any curry powder can be used for the kurma, I prefer Sakthi curry masala powder. I always buy a few packs of Sakthi curry masala powder from India and keep it in my freezer. :)  So... friends back home, you have a chance of getting this masala easily, so try the kurma with the masala!


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