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Boiled Rice-11/2cups
Dhaliya(Pottu kadalai)-3/4cup
Red Chilli-10 (adjust to your taste)
Cumin Seeds-2 teaspoons
Channa Dhal-2tablespoons

Wash and soak the channa dhal for 2 hours.
Wash and soak the rice with red chillies for 4 hours.
Powder the dhaliya in a grinder and keep it aside.
Grind the soaked rice and chillies with little water to a fine paste.
Combine the dhaliya powder-cumin seeds-salt with the rice-chilli batter.
Drain the excess water from channa dhal,add it with the rice-chilli batter.
Mix everything together to form a stiff dough.
Meanwhile heat the oil in medium heat.
Once the oil is hot add 2 tablespoons of hot oil with Murukku mixture and knead well.
Make small balls out of the dough,flatten it with your fingers on a greased plastic sheet.
Carefully take them off from the sheet and deep fry them in the oil.
Crispy thattai is ready. Store it in air tight container and enjoy! :)

  • Adding hot oil will give the nice crispness to the Thattai for sure,but still you can add a tablespoon of butter (in room temperature) to dough while kneading. [I was running out of butter,so didn't add it,but no difference in the taste. ;)]
  • Heat the oil in medium heat,once its hot,reduce the flame to uniform low medium heat. Don't adjust the flame every now and then, as it will spoil the colour and texture of the thattai.

Am sending Thattai recipe & some more recipes to Gayathri's "Walk through the memory lane" Event.

Back home, Murukku and thattai are the snacks usually done for every Pongal. To read the stories( in Tamil) behind these snacks, click here.
Other recipes are our regional specials, of course, I learnt from my mom. :)


  1. My fav thatai...Love all the entries...

  2. thatai is a snack u can never say no to.. yummy n crispy !

  3. love the snack dear very very much !

  4. looks crispy...tasty eve time snack........nice entries..

  5. Oh my - Crispy - crunchy thattais- I want one of those..or two..or more..:))

    US Masala

  6. Feel like munching some thattais,sooo crispy..

  7. So crispy and perfect thattais !!

  8. thattais have come out looking perfect! slurppp

  9. Mahi, This is a wonderful array of delicious dishes and thanks a lot for sending..

  10. முறுக்கு, தட்டை, உப்பட்டு... அடப்பாவி...ஏன் இந்த கொல வெறி? ஹும்... இப்படி கண்ணுல பாத்து பெருமூச்சு விட வெக்கறதுல என்ன ஒரு சந்தோஷம் உங்களுக்கு? மகி டௌன் டௌன்... பார்சல் அனுப்பினா மகி வாழ்க வாழ்க சொல்லுவேன்... டீல்?????

    நேரம் கிடைக்கறப்ப ரெசிபி ட்ரை பண்ணி பாக்கறேன்ப்பா.... damages bill will be sent to Mrs. Maheshwari...:)))

  11. thattais awesome crispy n perfect ennakku pls...

  12. Blogger asiya omar said...

    மகி,என்னமா சமைக்கிறே,சமையலில் பலகாரம்,பேக்கிங் முதல் பிரியாணி வரை ஒரே அசத்தல் தான்.

    April 10, 2011 8:03 PM

    Blogger Kamatchi said...

    எல்லாம் நன்றாக இருக்கு.

    April 11, 2011 3:47 AM
    ஆசியாக்கா & காமாட்சிமா, பெரிய பெரிய வார்த்தையெல்லாம் சொல்லியிருக்கீங்க,அதனாலே எடிட் பண்ணிட்டேன்,தவறாக நினைக்கமாட்டீங்க என்ற நம்பிக்கையில்!:)

    வருகைக்கும் உங்கள் அன்பான கருத்துக்கும் என் மனமார்ந்த நன்றி!

  13. Pics r droooolworthy it...
    First time here..u hv a wonderful space..visit mine as time permits..

  14. Thanks dear friends for your valuable comments! :)

  15. What lovely thatais - came out perfectly and all the other dishes too a true feast :)


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